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Steamed shrimp


1.  Clean the shrimps, drain water, and place the shrimps on a plate and add the right amounts of ginger slices.
2. Put the plate into a steamer with boiling water and cook for 3-5 minutes. Cook the shrimps until red and then remove the shrimp plate from the steamer.
3. Dipping sauce (oil, light soy sauce, garlic, ginger, salt, etc.) sweet and delicious.

Spicy shrimp


1. Cut the celery into pieces, cut the green onion into pieces, slice the ginger, use scissors to cut the red pepper into sections and cut the parsley into pieces.
2. Put a little oil in the wok. When the oil is hot, fry the shrimps in the wok until they all change color, then drain the oil and set aside.
3. Put a little oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, add the dried red pepper and bean paste and stir-fry until the oil turns red il, then add the ginger slices and stir-fry until fragrant.
4. Add the shrimps to the wok and stir-fry until well cooked.
5. Put the green onion and the celery in the wok and stir-fry for 1 minute.
6. Add an appropriate amount of light soy sauce, white sugar, salt stir evenly, then put them in the plate, then put some parsley ornament.

Bitter melon P&D shrimps


1. Split the bitter melon in half, remove the insides and cut to strips, add a little salt in the boiling water, blanch the cut bitter melon, pour over cold water after removing from boiling water. Then drain and set aside. 
2. Defrost the P&D shrimps and clean them. Slice the garlic and colorful pepper.
3. Put oils in the wok.  After the oil is hot, stir fry minced garlic. Add sliced pepper and stir fry. Add P&D shrimps and stir-fry until color turn red. 
4. Cook the cooking wine, add the bitter melon strips and stir-fry, add the appropriate amount of salt, sugar, oyster sauce and stir-fry for one minute, stir in a small amount of thin sauce, wait until the soup is thicken, then remove them from the wok.

Sauteed P&D shrimps with asparagus and cashew nuts


1. Defrost the P&D shrimps, add the cooking wine and pepper, stir well, and marinate for 10 minutes
2. Cut the asparagus into diagonal segments, slice the green pepper and the garlic
3. Put oils in the wok and deep-fried cashews until they turn golden brown 
4. Put a little oil, minced garlic until fragrant, add asparagus, green pepper and stir fry
5. Add P&D shrimps, salt and light soy sauce and stir well. Add cashew nuts and stir fry. Then remove them from the wok.

Braised tilapia


1. Clean the tilapia, dry off the water and cut marks on the fish 
2. Heat oil in the wok, add minced ginger and minced garlic and stir-fry until fragrant. Fry fish on both sides in the wok.
3. Add soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, water in turn to soak the fish
4. Turn up the heat to let the soup be thicker and less in the wok, sprinkle with scallions and serve

Boiled tilapia


1. Clean the tilapia, cut the tilapia head and tail, cut the body into fillets and steaks
2. Thyroid the tilapia fillets with a little salt, cooking wine, corn starch with an egg white and marinated for 15 minutes
3. Sprinkle salt in the wok with boiling water, cooked the bean sprouts and other side dishes and drained, cushioned at the bottom of the large dish
4. Put oils in the wok. After the oil is hot, add bean clove sauce to stir out the red oil, and then add ginger, garlic, onions, pepper grains, chili powder and dried red pepper to stir-fry
5. After fragrant, add the tilapia head and tail and chops, stir well over a high heat, add the wine, soy sauce, pepper, sugar in moderation, add hot water, and season with salt 
6. Wait for the water to boil and keep the high heat, put the tilapia fillets in, use chopsticks to disperse, then turn off the heat after 3-5 minutes 
7. Pour the cooked fish and all the soup into the large dish with cooked bean sprouts
8. Heat oil in the wok, add the peppers and dried peppers, stir-fry until fragrant, and then soak over the tilapia fillets

Steamed tilapia


1. Clean the tilapia, cut marks on its body, prepare chopped green onion and shredded ginger.
2. Marinate the tilapia with salt, cooking wine, shredded ginger for 10 minutes in the dish for tasty.
3. Put the tilapia with dish in the wok with boiling water, steam over high heat for about 10 minutes, then drizzle with soy sauce after removing form the wok. 
4. Put a little oil in the wok, stir fry chopped green onion and shredded ginger until fragrant. Pour them over the tilapia.

Steamed Har Gow

7-蒸虾饺 .jpg

1. Put steamer cloth or carrot slices in the steamer. Har gows don't need to be thawed. Placed them directly on the steamer with a little space in order to prevent sticking to each other after steaming
2. After boiling the water in the steam pot, put the steamer in the pot and steam over a high heat for 5-8 minutes

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