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About Sunnyvaleseafood

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Sunnyvale seafood dba SSC, Inc., headquartered at 2910 Faber Street, Union City, CA 94587, has offices in Texas and Florida.

Sunnyvale seafood began serving Sunnyvale and other East Bay locations as a seafood market in 1983. In 2012, Sunnyvale seafood was acquired by Guolian Aquatic group and has grown into a strong international import and distribution company serving customers throughout the United States. Its American customers include Wal-Mart, Red Lobster, etc. Sunnyvale seafood is one of the fastest growing seafood companies in the United States and ranks the 5th among the U.S. shrimp importers in 2018.

Sunnyvale seafood develops high quality, sustainably produced seafood for retailers, food distributors and importers. The company distributes seafood to a customer base that includes San Francisco, Los Angeles and other northern California areas, as well as the east bay. The national sales include food, wholesale, catering, retail. Cooperate with parent company Guolian aquatic to provide four-star BAP certified tilapia and shrimp; Work closely with global partners to purchase high quality shrimp and other fish products from all over the world, including those from Taiwan, Vietnam, China, South America and India of fish and fish fillet, from China, Vietnam, the Philippines and India, squid, octopus and squid. The import supply chain partners include vendors from China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South America, Ecuador and other major production areas.

We are a Global Company ready to service all your seafood requirements.

In addition, in order to serve the community better, we also respond to the needs of our customers by selecting some quality food other than seafood (including beef, pork, rice, oil, noodles, fruit, etc.) and provide door-to-door delivery service by our service team.

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